Real Estate Services
At Hometown Title, Inc., our clients can obtain a full range of real estate services from a trusted group of individuals with years of experience. At our four locations, we offer real estate and title services including:

    · Closings
    · Title work, including lien searches, owners policies and mortgage policies
    · New construction escrow
    · Deeds

Getting your title work started-NOW
As a group, we recognize that when you're working on a transaction, you may be doing work on the sale around the clock. In a real estate transaction, time is always of the essence, even when no one says it is. It's nice to know that when you want to order title work, you don't have to wait for someone else's schedule. You can order your title work from us, right now, with just a few clicks of your mouse and then get on to your next task.

    1. Click here to open a copy of our title policy order form, or click here to open a copy of our mortgage policy order form.
    2. Fill in the information about your property on the online form and submit, OR
    3. Print out the printable copy of the form.
    4. Fax the completed form to us at the fax number of the location you wish to use.

You should receive confirmation of your order within one business day. If you do not get an electronic confirmation of your order within 24 hours, please contact the appropriate location to confirm.

Our Staff
Our closers have been through countless property transactions. When the big day comes to sign papers and exchange cash for land, you will have their experience on your side.
Once you have chosen Hometown Title, Inc., to help you with your real estate transaction, our title assistants are available to answer questions on the status of your title work.
Whether you need something as simple as having a deed drafted for you or as comprehensive as handling the payouts on a new construction project, we have the support personnel who will take the time to find out what you need and how best to obtain that result for you.

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